Enironmental Pollution

Topics: Natural environment, Environmentalism, Alternative fuel Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Environmental Pollution is one of the biggest challenges faced by most societies in this modern era. It has become a paradox of our time that urbanization and development be associated with environmental degradation. In man’s quest for social growth, nonchalance to nature’s laws have set in and this has disturbed a number of natural phenomena. The industrial revolution has brought with it technological advancement, such as the discovery of oil and fossil fuels and its virtually universal use in a diversity of industries. Further more rapid growth in population is established to be the fundamental cause of environmental framework collapse. Population growth increases the need to produce consumer commodities and this desire is transformed into a necessity to abuse environmental resources. Population growth creates certain negative environmental issues. These issues could be economic or social by nature. Their consequences range from a decline in air and water quality as well as deterioration in infrastructure and significant health hazards. A rapid growth in human population within the city propagates pressure on the framework of such cities and its natural resources. As cities begin to expand, they take a toll on existing rural areas, creating diverse environmental challenges such as reduced biological habitat as well as pollution of nature’s resources. The increased densities of industrial areas within cities, large number of automobiles and commercial enterprises add to increased health hazards and complete breakdown of ecosystem.


Development of thought
Our environment plays an important role in life. Man has equally been an active participant in the process of impacting on the environment through population and greenhouse effects. Obviously the growing population indicates a higher usage of resources thus leading to a greater...
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