Enigma 16 Puzzle

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Chapter I
Background of the study
The first thought that comes to our mind is creating the enjoying and challenging game. It is a must that once this is played, the user will surely be satisfied and give a good feedback about it. It is an additional if the kind of game is challenging but enjoyable game.

Games such as ENIGMA16 a mobile game that can be played on their cellphones. Playing this game is fun and thrilling because in this game the users will surely used her/his mind because it is like a puzzle game that you will switch the silver colors to the gold colors.

Overview of the Current State of Technology
The mobile phone games are becoming more and more popular in individuals‟ life. We can witness portability and mobility anywhere and anytime among all the different types of mobile phone games. One good reason that contributes to the success of mobile games is because of theirs mobility, which means players can play games anytime and anywhere. Statement of the Problem

1. What if the player can’t solve the puzzle? The researcher made an idea that the game must have an AI that can search and solve the game. 2. How the game will be enjoyable to play? The researcher adds some new features like sounds and some effects on the game. 3. How the game will be finish? The game will be finish after hitting the last level and your time will be recorded as high score.

General Objective
This project aims for making and building a single player turn-based strategy game for Java enabled mobile phones. The majority of work in this project will be to produce an enjoyable game for the mobile cell phone environment. The researcher will make a not easy mobile game but the users will enjoy the game because of it is mind game.

Specific Objective
1. To create a user-game but a challenging one.
2. To create a game with a design project that will be attractive to users. 3. To create a game with logic that fits the user’s intelligence.

Significance of the Research
This study will be significant in promoting the remarking of some good enjoyable games that adults and young children most of kids cannot enjoy because it’s designed only for adults and their level of intelligence. The game mechanics will be maintained but the design and difficulties will be easy to hard levels. This study will beneficial to everyone for them to enjoy the game.

Scope and Limitation
No doubt that the mobile phone gaming has developed a lot with time, but along with its advantages everything brings some disadvantages as well. The researcher decided to make a game that has challenging and mind blowing game that that will test their intelligence level. First the player will analyze what is should his first move in able for him to transfer all the silver pieces to the gold pieces. There is a timer or limits of moves in order for the player to finish the game are find the algorithm and the logic of the game. The game will be finished when the player transfer all the gold pieces to the place of the silver pieces or the game will be over when the player reaches the move limitation or the time is over.

Chapter II
According to Kirkland (2002)the goal is to convert all of the White pieces on the board to Black pieces. Clicking on a piece with the mouse will change it from White to Black, and vice-versa. It will also change the pieces above, below, and to the left and right of the selected piece. The Moves counter will turn red to indicate the minimum number of moves necessary to win, for the selected board size. Beyond the minimum number of moves, the Moves counter will turn gray.

As stated by Loyd (2000) the game of rompecabezasis based on the peg puzzle named "Fore and Aft", first made popular in the USA by American Puzzle creator, Sam Lloyd. According to Sam, this game was originally an English invention, having originally been designed by an English sailor who had spent...
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