enhancing shy students' participation via teaching games

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Teaching a foreign language is a challenging issue in all respects. In order to better understand the challenges of teaching foreign languages,we have to elucidate the moment-to-moment sequencing of participants’ actions (Schwab, 2011). Weimer (2011) defines the term participation as one of those workhorse instructional strategies-easy to use, straightforward, expected, and often quite successful at accomplishing a number of learning goals. In terms of learning a foreign language, the role of participation becomes a major fact. Thus, learning a foreign language requires participation for fullfilling the learning process efficiently. As Weimer (2011) claims, participation can be used to develop important speaking skills and it gives the students the opportunity to practice using the language of the discipline. Besides these, since learning a foreign language is not an individual process,but a social affair,it is closely connected to participation. Therefore, learning cannot be deprived from its social context(Block, 2003). Each and every process of learning must be related to a certain setting (Schwab, 2011). In this context, this study seeks the answers of its main question: How can i improve shy students’ level of participation via making use of teaching games? This question can be ascribed to the purposes for exploring about: 1) The effectiveness of teaching games for enhancing shy students’ participation 2) Students’ responses/reactions to the techniques the teachers uses 3) Whether the teachers’ expectations about enhancing students’ participation are met.

The study was conducted in Muhittin Develi Primary School during 3 weeks.The participants can be divided into two groups. The first group consisted of 28 students of pre-intermediate level ( 5th grades equivalent) , the other group of participants consisted of 2 students,who are shy and don’t participate the lesson much and two foreign language teachers who work for the same school as the students. The students were interviewed both at the beginning and at the end of the study. The teachers were interviewed at the beginning of the study. 2.METHODOLOGY

2.1. Data Collection
This study is an action research and it aims to enhance shy students’ level of participation via teaching games. For this purpose, as data collection methods, “ observation” , “lesson report” and “interviews” were used. The research lasted for three weeks. The students were introduced to some teaching games and observed for three weeks. The games were related to the subjects in the curriculum. I obtained them not only from going through the literature and internet but also i created one of them, as will be mentioned below.. Besides, five students, who were shy and seemed to hesitate to speak in English lessons,were interviewed before and after the study. The two foreign language teachers were also interviewed in order to consult their ideas and compare them with mine.

Throughout the study, the students were observed for three weeks, each week includes 1 lesson, in their foreign language classroom. The lessons were on the basis of making use of teaching games. Since i myself was their foreign language teacher, during the lesson and while observing, i cannot write so many field notes. Yet, the writings that i could note of some important points during the lessons worked for me and i made very use of them while writing lesson reports. Lesson report

After every observation, i immediately wrote the lesson report of it since lesson reports will be more real if they are written immediately after the observing sessions. As i mentioned above, while reporting, i made use of field notes that i kept during the lessons. I also mentioned about level of the students, the aim of the lesson and other important elements at the very beginning of every report as shown one of them below. Lesson Report

For My Action Research
Name of the institute:...
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