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For several years, Mathematics has always been noted as one of the most difficult subjects among the pupils of Paradise Elementary School particularly in Grade IV and V. Test results by quarter showed that pupils did not perform well in this subject. For instance, for the first quarter of SY 2010-2011, the average results of Grade IV and V in Math are 73.6 and 70.8, respectively with approximately 62 % of the pupils within the passing level. It is in this premise where this research is anchored to determine how pupils may acquire the skills, knowledge and information that will enrich and enhance their performance in Mathematics. The television is one of the innovative means to teach Math. There are many taped lessons parallel to the topic of the PELC that will be used. II. PROBLEM

This study attempted to use TV-assisted instruction to the Grade IV and V classes of Alberto de Castro Elementary School during the school year 2010-2011 as a strategy to enhance the pupils’ performance in Math. III. PROBLEM ANALYSIS

Possible Causes of the Problem:
Low mastery learning in Math because of lack of meaningful strategy to teach the subject Low retention rate as an offshoot of the lack of meaningful experiences due to the traditional approach in teaching Math Lack of concrete conceptualization of Math lessons brought about by the uninteresting mode of instruction and lack of facilities and equipment Inadequate and inappropriate teaching aids to fully support the TV –assisted instruction among elementary schools. III. PLAN OF ACTION

Possible Solutions:
To use the TV-assisted instruction to enhance the mastery learning among grade IV and V pupils in Math To boost retention rate by the clear explanation and meaningful presentation of concepts via TV instruction To increase conceptualization and assimilation due to well-planned and well-devised presentation of...
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