Enhancing Patient-Caregivers Relationship: Innovative Use of Smartphone

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Enhancing Patient-Caregivers Relationship:
Innovative Use of Smartphone

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Mobile communications technology assists physicians and nurses to expedite access to high-risk patients’ information. Patients may take more initiative to give more attention to their health as well as foster closer relationship with the caregivers and this has been made possible through smartphone.

This paper will investigate the perceived usefulness of smartphone among healthcare personnel in a private hospital setting.

The study will identify elements which have had impact on decision taken by individuals to use smartphones using models validated by previous model i.e. the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and the innovation diffusion theory (IDT). Respondents will include physicians and nurses.

Expected Results:
It is predicted that the younger generation be more ‘trendy’ in wanting to own a Smartphone. Contrary to popular belief, the study will explore if female respondents accept smartphone better compared to male.

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Keywords: Healthcare provider, smartphones, mobile communication technology


The ageing population, global climate warming, changes in the environment are some of the emerging challenges that affect our health and healthcare (Alasaarela et al., 2009). Based on Kalorama’s market study, the wireless technologies which has been seen as giving huge potential is a result of the rising demand to improve the healthcare processes via technical product and services such as the ability to improve the patient care, cost containment, streamline processes, compliance with rules and regulations (Kalorama, 2009). Other benefit is during decision making, considering the fact that access to real-time data is important at the point of care (Kalorama, 2009).

The objective of this paper is to investigate the perceived...
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