Enhancing Interpersonal Communication to Become a Good Leader

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Leadership Pages: 3 (1626 words) Published: November 6, 2014
Leadership is not all about using the authority entrusted to prove who the greater authority is. A leader should be a source of motivation to inspire others to desire to achieve the set goals. This can only be satisfactorily achieved once the crucial issue of interpersonal communication becomes enhanced. The relation between involved parties needs to be at its optimum, and this can only be aided by enhancing communication. Emotional intelligence is also a key factor especially in these present times where qualifications are met by a majority, while only a small percentage are high in emotional intelligence There is, therefore, a need to focus on developing stronger communication skills (Guillen Florent-Treacy, 2011, p.22).This paper will strive to show that emotional intelligence can produce different results even when the parties involved are performing similar tasks. Citing the example of two teachers who have both instructed me in anatomy and physiology at different times (at the beginning of my course and after my return to school from a period of absence) it is easy to demonstrate how communication and emotional intelligence affect leadership skills. Emotional intelligence can broadly be defined as an individuals ability to keep their emotions in check, recognize various emotions in others and use that in directing their thought and actions.My first teacher was an individual who oozed of a great deal of confidence upon entry into the classroom. Emotions should always be in constant check because of the phenomenon of emotion contagion. The first step to maintaining a high level of confidence at all times is getting to the point of self-awareness (Nordstrm, 2010, p.18). Self-awareness becomes realized by understanding and dealing with all manner of emotions. This helps to have a clear mindset when carrying out assigned tasks and helps to avoid passing sound judgment. My first teacher was high in self-awareness and, therefore, had no emotional distractions...
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