Enhancing Drugs

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Against Performance Enhancing Drugs

Performance enhancing drugs should be illegal in professional sports. Players found using these drugs should be banned from playing professional sports. The reasons why are because using these drugs is cheating, unfair to other players, and unfair to fans.

Using performance enhancing drugs is cheating in sports. Players are boosting their performance instead of using their own abilities. The point of playing a sport is to see which team or person is the best at what they do and if drugs are being used then the true champion(s) will not be determined.

When other players are being honest and not using drugs to make themselves better then it is unfair when someone decides to take drugs. Other players try really hard to compete and a competition cannot exist if someone is enhancing their performance through drugs. Using these drugs is also unfair to the teammates of the person using the drugs because they are trusting that person to bide by the rules of sportsmanship.

When sports players use performance enhancing drugs they are also being unfair to their fans. A lot of their fans and people and children who hope to one day be just like them. When young athletes see their role models use drugs to make their playing better, then they feel as though they cannot achieve being professional athletes and they may end up using the drugs as well. According to “Sports in America” by Bob Jackson, “steroid use among young people peaked in the early part of the twenty-first century and has been tapering off since then.”

These are the reasons why performance enhancing drugs should be illegal and players that use them should be banned from playing professional sports. The players that use these drugs are dishonest and do not respect sportsmanship. They are being unfair t o their teams, fans, and themselves. A competition cannot have a real winner if there are people that are cheating by using drugs.

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