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I would like to express my sincere appreciation to those persons who have contributed either directly or indirectly to this project. I am thankful to Ms Nimira Amin who helped and provided us guidelines on how to do this project. I would like thank Mr. Syed Matloob Hussain, marketing design manager in Engro and Ms. Sanam, ast. Marketing manager, Engro food limited for their precious time and co-operation.

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts and help of all my course mates in principles of management who updated me with necessary information. I am grateful to my friends Rabia Shafi and Irfan Ali for their help and support.


This mid-term project is assigned by Ms. Nimira Amin for the course of principles of management as required by MBA. Principles of management evaluate the contemporary management practices adopted by businesses. This course requires the project which helps students to analyze the practical application of management practices in organizations. Each student is assigned to do research work of any selected company large or small, private or public which has displayed exemplary practices or have achieved excellence in some way. Students were assigned to write thorough report on that company including its operations, achievements, marker performance, marketing and management practices.

I selected Engro food limited (EFL) which is an upcoming and growing company. EFL is subsidiary of Engro Chemicals Limited established in 1964. EFL was established in 2006 with its first plant in sukkur, Sindh. Engro foods produces UHT milk and other dairy products. In its two years of establishment it has launched four successful products: olpers milk, oplers cream, tarang and ollwell. It is further planning to launch a variety of dairy products nationally as well as internationally.

The report contains



To be the premier Pakistani enterprise with a global reach, passionately pursuing value creation for all the stakeholder

To help farmers maximize their farm produce by providing quality plant nutrients and technical services upon which they can depend. To create wealth by building new businesses based on company and country strengths in Petrochemicals, Information Technology, Infrastructure and other Agricultural sectors.

In pursuing the mission engro foods shall at all times be guided in their conduct and decision making by their Core Values.


Engro has an open disclosure policy and transparent processes. All their business activities/transactions are carried out honestly and with fairness.

Have passionate people with intelligent and firm approach towards business. To facilitate these people engro give them challenging opportunities, training, fun loving environment necessary resources and facilities.

Innovation is the way of life at EFL. It is valued, encouraged and rewarded in all aspects of operations.

EFL stands committed to sustainable business growth and ensure 100% compliance of CSR by ensuring safety of people, assets and community in which it operates. EFL takes significant strides in poverty alleviation in rural and urban areas, environmental safety and build up of farming expertise.

Consumer is the reason for the existence of EFL as a business.


Engro Foods Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Engro Chemical Pvt. Ltd. which is one of the most reputed enterprises in Pakistan with more than 40 years of diversified business operations in the areas of fertilizer and chemicals. Engro Foods is the first venture into the foods sector for Engro, with dairy being its launch pad. Engro Foods (Pvt) Limited (EFL) was established in 2005 as part of a diversification process at the Engro Group....
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