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EK Report
1. When I rode the dodgem, I noticed that whenever my friends bumped against my vehicle, the direction of the force I was experiencing was towards the direction where they were headed to. After thinking about it, it came to me that this was because of Newton's second law stating that an object experiencing an outside force will move in the direction due to that force. 2. While riding the Wheel of Fate while it was moving, I our cart experienced a greater amount of acceleration at the bottom of the ride, mainly because the magnitude of the forces acting upon it while at the bottom was greater than any other position. I also noticed that the position of the horizon varies as I moved along with the cart. 3. I felt a greater sensation on the log jam when I was when I was leaning backward than when I was perpendicular to the seat. The only explanation I could think of for this situation was because of the air resistance 4. It was really difficult to concentrate while riding the Anchors Away because of the sensation that I felt whenever the boat was on its way down. After a few more tries, I finally got to concentrate and observe that the direction of the force I felt was against the swing of the boat because that is where the motion is directed to. 5. In the Flying Fiesta, the force I felt was directed towards the center of the ride. This was because of centripetal force, the circular manner of which the fide flows complies to how this force works. 6. Unavailable

7. As I was at the top of the loop in the Space Shuttle, the force that I felt was directed towards the ground because of the gravitational force and normal force acting on us during that moment of the ride. 8. I went for the Space Shuttle for about 5 to 6 times, changing my positions from back, to middle, to front. At first I thought to myself that there was a difference in the feeling of those positions, but when I went for the second try, it was no different. Thought there would be a variation in the height of release, it played no significance for the reason that the ride follows the same path no matter which seat I stayed in. 9.

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