"Englishnization" by Rakuten

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Growth Strategy & Creation of Sustainable Business
Elective course
Session 3: 10/18
Session 4: 10/25
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|Case study |Englishnization |

Rakuten: questions and answers:
1. What is Rakuten’s business model? Is it sustainable? Rakuten business model consists of the following formula “Business to Business to Customer”. This unique business model approach afforded Rakuten to compete successfully on Japanese e-commerce market and to enter the 10th global Internet market capitalization ranking. Many e-commerce companies works on Customer to Customer or Business to Customer business models. However, Rakuten chose exclusive business model with shop centric emphasis. Thus Rakuten covered small and medium merchants’ business interests and combine them with the needs of Japanese individual customers. This makes its business model special and it will be hard to repeat its success. Sustainability of Rakuten business model is already proved itself. From 1996 up to the present time Rakuten reached enormous results such as market capitalization of 13.7 bln. USD, overall employees’ staff is more than 8000, and diversity of business from e-commerce, travel services to Rakuten bank, Kobo. Rakuten Ichiba is Japan’s largest online shopping mall with over 37 thousand merchants and more than 10 mln. purchases from subscribed consumers. I would point out the following concepts of success invented by the Founder, President and CEO of Rakuten Mr. Hiroshi

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