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ENGLISH 111 WEEK 2 31-MAR-15

Comfort in the darkness- frost is known for that savoring nourishing the darkness seems like a loner. STOPPING BYT THE WOODS ON A SNOWY NIGHT.
-I have to keep going I have to persevere and keep working because of his promise as stated in the last few lines. -He does not know whos woods they are it could him speaking in a 3rd person narrative to where the woods are actually his. -In this poem it could be who he is vs who he wants to be in his life. -The horse could be frosts concieunce talking to him.

-This poem hints at us living for a larger purpose and not just for ourselves. -Work animals work on routine so that they work and the horse was not knowing what he was doing by stopping. -he has hit rock bottom by stating it was the darkest day of the year meaning it was the worst day he has had for the year. -when nature is so beautiful that it seduces you and makes you go against your instincts because of the shear beauty how it just wants you to almost die in the presence of its beauty.

“ROAD NOT TAKEN” Robert Frost
-The speaker might be trying to convince himself that he did make the right choices - Isolation by talking about going on the road by himself where its hard to get help or even advice and has to take the hard falls of learning these lessons on his own. -Whatever road you choose is going to be your road that you embrase -The finite quality of money just going for money instead of what you want to do and what your passionate about. -This myth of retracing our steps like life will wait for you -Everyone can change over the course of a short time due to lessons learned in the course of time. -the power of influence or pursuasion strength in numbers

- Although the difference at the trail heads may be suttle the end resullt can be dramaticly different he cant see beyond the bend so he does not know what awaits for him at the end you can only see so far -life demands that we commit eventually

- looking back in retrospect can be tricky think you can see what would make sense in life decisions but can you really? “DESERT PLACES” Robert Frost
Look up the life of robert frost see how shitty his life was He is having a loss of sensation or becoming numb
He is trying to look at the great void that defies comprehension This poem shows is inner depression
With all this beauty in nature he tries to bring out the darkness in the situation Nature is being presented as a possesion you either have or have not is what he breaks in down to We don’t think of lonelines as a possesion yet some people act that way as to most people will not see it this way He had enough strength to edure what we went throough by was able to persivere and keep on going and inspiring other people. A blank canvas will allow you to restart when an individual goes through a rough patch If you don’t let go of things you can become what you are holding onto or stewing on that will eat you up inside COMPARE OR CONTRAST ESSAY FROST VS DICKENSON DUE WEEK 4

A thourough exploration of the poetry of t.s eliot and william shakespere produces the assertion that personal fear and insecuring are the great ingibitors of enduring relationships. H.W. Emily dickinson because I could not stop for life , my life has stood a loaded gun, wild nights wild nights, after great pain a formul feeling comes, I herd a fly buzz when I died

Week 3 Emily Dickinson
Perfuntory- when something Is done out of profesionalism or for work. “I could not stop for death”
-the first stanza says how death can come at anytime
-she embraces death makes it seem natural and beautiful at peace with death
-personification giving living qualities to non living objects
-death is not in a hurry no rush in this poem taking its time with her
- if you have to work you have to struggle as death you don’t have to struggle anymore
-in death we will have a wole new kind of rest
-when your living life rest is almost always incomplete it is...
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