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Progress Test 1 (Units 1–5)
A Jason Fosse has a meeting with his manager, Denise Watts. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions below. You will hear the recording twice. 1 Jason tells his manager that he wants to a) leave the company. b) move to another department. c) try a different kind of work. 2 How long has Jason been in this job? a) less than a year b) less than 5 years c) more than 5 years 3 Denise Watts thinks a) that Jason has performed badly in his job. b) Jason is well suited to the job. c) Jason chose the wrong job. 4 What is the main reason for Jason’s decision? a) He has been offered another job. b) He doesn’t have a sense of fulfilment in the job. c) He doesn’t have a good relationship with his team leader. 5 Denise Watts a) accepts Jason’s decision. b) asks Jason to reconsider. c) promises an immediate solution to Jason’s problem. 6 At the end of the interview, Jason a) keeps to his first decision. b) changes his mind. c) postpones making a decision.


Use of English Reading


Functions Reading Writing Speaking

B Listen to the conversation again. If you hear an example of any of the functions below, tick them. Put a cross next to any you do not hear. 7 requesting a meeting 8 stating objectives 9 apologising 10 asking for repetition 11 showing sympathy 12 making a suggestion 13 agreeing 14 summarising


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Progress Test 1





A Use a word from each of the columns A, B and C to create a noun phrase. Match each noun phrase to the correct definition. A tight automated retail annual global 15 16 17 18 B marketing sales monetary security sales C system revenue franchise strategy regulations




an electronic device that checks who is entering or leaving a building a company’s plan or policy for promoting its products worldwide strict controls on the flow of money into and out of a country the amount of income received by a company over a year from its business activities 19 an arrangement by which a company gives a shop the right to sell its goods in return for a fee

B Complete the gaps in the article below with the correct alternative.

Deutsche Post moves on Exel
Deutsche Post looks set to announce a takeover of Exel, the UK logistics company, which could create the world’s biggest logistics group. The German group ………. 20 a supervisory board meeting yesterday to approve the deal. Exel board members are due to meet next week to discuss the terms. Deutsche Post ………. 21 a mix of cash and shares that values Exel at around £12.40 a share. John Allan, chief executive of Exel, ……….22 head of the new logistics division. He ……….23 offered a place on the management board. If the deal goes ahead, it would give Deutsche Post a leading position in supply-chain management, and would be its largest acquisition so far. Deutsche Post ………. 24 keen in recent years to diversify away from its core postage and package businesses into a broader range of logistics services. It ………. 25 already the world leader in air and sea freight. Analysts have suggested that rival bids from other companies might also ………. 26 once Deutsche Post reveals its offer. However, the price could alarm some investors, who ………. 27 the group not to pay over £12 per share in recent days.

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

a) a) a) a) a) a) a) a)

held offered is made had also been was is be made had warned

b) b) b) b) b) b) b) b)

have been holding offers will be made has also been had been will be make have warned

c) c) c) c) c) c) c) c)

had been holding is offering will make was also has been had been have made will warn


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