English Views of Native Americans During Catholic-Protestant Conflict in the New World

Topics: Europe, Spain, Americas Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: April 13, 2012
English Views of Native Americans during Catholic-Protestant Conflict in the New World During the 16th and 17th century, as settlers from Europe continued to flock to the New World, technologies were being introduced that affected English views of Native Americans and how they saw Catholic, or more specifically, Spanish treatment of the Natives. Many countries wanted superiority in the Americas and to do that they needed more colonists and support from their homelands. To accomplish these goals different means were employed. For England, the New World settlements served a variety of purposes. To secure investors through stock purchases by showing them they would be well rewarded, attract new colonists, and to expand Protestantism in the New World to combat the Catholic movement in the Americas (text 38). Helping in these goals were new technologies that created some of the first propaganda. Many people in Europe feared the Native Americans, thinking of them as savage and uncivilized. Unrest and this fear among the people probably caused many to avoid even entertaining the thought of transplanting themselves and their family to an unknown continent. In 1588 Thomas Harriot published the first pamphlet about life in the New World. Describing great weather, fruitful land, and a wealth of goods these writings encouraged people to travel across the Atlantic. Along with him, painter John White, portrayed the Native Americans as a peaceful people that could easily coexist with Europeans. Taking liberties from these paintings, Theodore de Bry, a protestant from Belgium, made copperplate engravings of civilized Indians. These pictures and views of the Natives had a widespread appeal across England and alleviated fears of the New World which encouraged more settlers to take the voyage and more investors to purchase stock in colonizing companies. One of the biggest battles in the New World was between Catholic and Protestants to control the Americas. During this...
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