English Test 9th Grade

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English Test I

Jessica and Clare are talking about Clare’s vacation. Did she have a good time?

Jessica: Did you have a Nice vacation, Clare?
Clare: Yes, I did. I had a lot of fun.
Jessica: Where did you go?
Clare: I went to Florianopolis. My father’s family live there. Jessica: Who did you travel with?
Clare: I traveled with my father and my brother.
Jessica: How did you get there?
Clare: We went by plane.
Jessica: And where did you stay?
Clare: We stayed on my grandpa’s farm.
Jessica: What did you do in Florianopolis?
Clare: We enjoyed our relatives and appreciated my grandpa’s barbecue. Jessica: Wow, that’s awesome! And when did you come back?
Clare: I came back yesterday.

1. Match the two columns.
b) Clare
went to
c) traveled with
d) went by
e) stayed on
f) enjoyed
g) appreciated
h) came back
( ) …her relatives.
( )... her grandpa’s barbecue.
( )… yesterday.
( )… Florianopolis.
( )...her father and brother
( )… her grandpa’s farm
( )… plane.

2. Imagine a great vacation and a terrible vacation then complete the sentences.

A great vacation| A terrible vacation|
I went to| I went to|
I went there by| I went there by|
I stayed| I stayed|

3. Leia o diálogo novamente e escreva perguntas e respostas sobre as férias de Clare.

Did Clare go to Blumenau? No, she didn’t.
Where did she go? She went to Florianopolis.

a) Did she stay on a campsite? _______________________________. ________________________? _________________________________.

b) _____________________? (go by train) _____________________________. ________________________? _________________________________________.

c)_______________________? (come back/ last week) ______________________. _________________________?...
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