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1. Summary of Automatic Upgrade

This text is about a relationship between a grandmother and her grandson Ramesh. Ramesh tells the story about how his grandmother died, and the events up to her dead. In the flashback in story takes place on an airplane where Ramesh and his grandmother argues about his career choice, he recently gave up being a doctor, he was on his fifth year on the education but decided to shift lane to selling mobile phones, in his opinion there are more money to make in this business. His grandmother thinks this is a disgrace, because this isn’t the same as being a doctor, in her opinion that would have been an upgrade for him. They argue a lot on the plane, and Ramesh decides to fall asleep, tired of hearing her complain and wakes up to a dead grandmother, she wasn’t even ill or old. But dead she is. This makes Ramesh think; maybe his career choice sucked the life out of her.

2. Characterize Ramesh

Ramesh is Indian, he is twenty-six years old and unmarried and he recently dropped the doctor career to sell phones. In the eyes of his grandmother this makes him the black sheep of the family. Ramesh isn’t very confident, he lets his grandmother harass him as much as she likes, instead of telling her, that this is his live. The fact that he is twenty-six years old and aren’t anywhere close to having a girlfriend or a wife indicates that he isn’t very good with the girls either, the stewardess Sonia makes him fell so uncomfortable that he pretends to read a book and fake sleeping.

3. Comment on the grandmother, and her expectations of Ramesh
The grandmother which name is unknown is very stubborn. She has the highest expectations for her grandson Ramesh, surely this is only because she wants him to be the best version of himself, and because she wants him to be a doctor and get kids that she can enjoy. We see two sides of the grandmother, the side that she shows her grandson and the one is found in her purse. The second...
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