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Topics: Higher education, University, College Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: April 30, 2014
Wilson, Kristin. "If Not Welfare, Then What?: How Single Mothers Finance College Post-Welfare Reform." Journal Of Sociology & Social Welfare 38.4 (2011): 51-76. Academic Search Complete. Web. 15 Apr. 2014.

This article is about prior TANF and AFDC legislation that disregard the impact out low-income women attending college. Kristin Wilson poses the question of what programs, of the social and financial spectrum, are offered to the female scholars with low-income. The case-study is based on 10 low income community college students. The result show that EITC, food stamps, and subsidized housing are stably funded. Although these programs variate with application processes and compliance regulations. Wilson's voices the participants confusion and frustration amongst the programs and their varying regulations. The Pell Grant is seen as the only source of financial dependability for college expenses.

Jennings, Patricia K Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare. Sep2004, Vol. 31 Issue 3, p113-130. 18p Academic Search Complete. Web. 15 Apr. 2014.

This article is about Patricia K Jennings study that observed a focus group of women on welfare and image they portray while in college. Many of the groups are women between the ages of 18 and 23 that are single mothers that attend high school or tertiary school. Through this study Jennings discovers young women are motivated to obtain an education for their children. There are many stereotypes young mothers have to fight to form oppositional thinking that has set them against other women on welfare.

Mottarella, Karen Exploration of “Good Mother” Stereotypes in the College Environment. Sex Roles. Feb2009, Vol. 60 Issue 3/4, p223-231. 9p. 3 Charts. Academic Search Complete. Web. 15 Apr. 2014.

This article is about a study that examines students perceptions of students that return to school after having a child. Karen Mottarella had undergraduate students were asked to review a vignette in which a...
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