Topics: Discovery, Film techniques, Invention Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: May 2, 2015
Introduction: !
A discovery can have a various amount of significant impacts on an individual that change their view on certain situations. Discoveries and discovering can offer new understandings
and renewed perceptions of ourselves and others. The film,
Life of pi, directed by Ang Lee and the novel The boy in the striped pyjamas written by John Bourne clearly depict the
unforeseen discovery of both characters from each text. Pi is a curious character, and endures a spiritual and
transformative nature of discovery.!


Similarly bruno is also a curious character, that embarks on a discovery that is more of a literal discovery, yet again clearly depicts the transformative nature of discovery. Discoveries
can be sudden and unexpected or they can emerge from a
process of deliberate and careful planning evoked by
curiosity, new understandings and wonder.!


Paragraph 1: !
Discoveries can be sudden and unexpected or they can be
deliberate and evoked by careful planning. Both pi and the
audience embark on the journey of where pi makes a literal
discovery of the island with its vibrant colours symbolic of it’s magical realism.!


The island is first represented after a storm, A panning shot of the island is represented. This provokes the curiosity for pi and the audience. The diegetic sounds of the meerkats are a
representation of a new discovery, which develops Pi’s and the audiences understanding of a new environment. !


Pi spots a pond of water where water, being a motif various
times throughout the film, of the beginning of a new journey. He then jumps into fresh water, where the water also
symbolises a sense of purity and washes away the negativity
and struggle that Pi has endured. !


The overhead shot of Pi in the natural world, is also a distinct representation of the values he has developed through this
new discovery, as well as the growth he is experiencing. An
establishing shot is later presented to the...
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