English Speech Essay on The book thief by Marcus Zusak

Topics: The Book Thief, Markus Zusak, Foster care Pages: 2 (931 words) Published: February 16, 2015
English “The Book Thief” Speech
Acceptance and suffering represents the protagonist Liesel, and the Australian author Markus Zusak, this also portrays the readers to a stronger understanding of Liesel’s world. The themes that are represented are acceptance and suffering, as well as mortality and love. During WWII the main protagonist Liesel’s perspectives were changed due to her relationships with her foster parents, other kids in her street, and the Huberman’s risk their lives by hiding a young Jewish man in their home and through her experience and how Death is the narrator of the book. We find out how Liesel changes herself throughout the novel, from losing the people she loves to abandonment. Markus Zusak chose Death as the narrator of the book; I find that bizarre and interesting, having as a narrator. One of the themes is mortality, it’s been used by Death himself keeps us constantly fixated on humanity, death is looming around at points of the war – time Germany. Death is like the grim reaper; he says quote “I’m nothing if not fair”. Death is saying he won’t take you even if you made some bad choices in life, won’t take your soul until you died, will treat you the same as everyone else. He gives us comments, tells us directly on what will happen or significant visions, won’t know what’s he’s referring to until you get us to the part. Death will always think of Liesel as the book thief, who is a smart, isolated child and will tell her story in “The Book Thief”. Markus Zusak uses the protagonist who is unique and engaging towards other people in the novel. Liesel Meminger is shown as a young girl, who suffers from many loses her family, abandoned by her mother, the death of her brother, these loses are the cause of her heartbreak. At the cemetery, where Liesel finds “’The Gravediggers Handbook’ which is the first book she steals. “There was a chaos of goodbye”. This helps us to understand the sadness when she has to leave her mother, on the same day her...
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