English Speech Bout Stereotypes

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Man Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Good morning Mrs and my fellow Peers,
I am here to talk to you today about gender and stereotypes and to respond to the following statement, “ Too many texts position readers and viewers to accept stereotypical constructions of masculinity and femininity”.

I believe that there are to many stereotypical views on masculinity and femininity in society today. There are many sources of this, many coming from song. Here is an example of this, this is a song called “Girls and Boys” by the Band “Good Charlotte”. The chorus in the song states “Girls don't like boys,Girls like cars and money ,Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny”.

To me this is influencing girls to follow and be part of this stereotypical view so they can be popular and “up with it”. There are also a lot of television adds and commercials like this like the “UP 'N GO”add were there is a man that wakes up out of bed and jumps of his balcony in his pajamas and lands in the water with a wet suit on and his surfboard and starts surfing, the same thing happens to a women expect she is jogging instead of surfing.

To me this is saying that if u want to look healthy, fit and attractive, your supposed to look like that. This puts a stereotypical view on society to look, act and do the things the people on that add do. There are other adds like this that simply say boys like skateboards, girls like ballet and boys like blue, girls like pink.There are also gender issues in politics as well.

In conclusion there are still stereotypical roles in our generation. However do girls like cars and money? And do Boys laugh at girls when they're not funny? Is this how we want to be remembered for future generations? Thank you
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