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Topics: Australia, Indigenous Australians, John Howard Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Speech- Year 12
Paul Keating’s speech ‘funeral service of the unknown Australian soldier’ and Noel Pearson’s speech ‘an Australian history for us all’ have developed and expressed ideas using language appropriate to their audience, purpose and form. Despite the fact, it is fundamentally the speaker’s skills in the construction of the speech that determine its decisive success. Remembrance Day. A time of reflection on those who sacrificed themselves for our country, Australia. In considering the value of Remembrance Day, we need also to consider the value of one of the most prominent Remembrance Day speeches, Paul Keating’s `Funeral Service of the Unknown Soldier' in 1993, at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Keating’s speech and the delivery of the speech correspond with its context, a eulogy. Throughout the speech Keating remains rather dull, allowing the audience to appreciate the dignity and seriousness of the subject matter, recognising and honouring all those Australians who have fought and died for their country in war. The repetition of “we do not know” serves to highlight the sense of loneliness and sorrow of burying a nameless person. But enlisting numerous examples of our lack of knowledge of this man, Keating successfully captures his humanity. “We do not know his age… occupation… religion…or if he was married or single”. Keating also uses statistics to provide some context for this man’s death and juxtaposes what we do not know with what we do know. “We know that he was one of the 45 thousand Australians who died on the western front… one of the 100 thousand Australian’s who have died in wars this century”. The use of the truncated sentence paragraph, “He is all of them. And he is one of us”, helps us reflect and focus on what he is saying and also is juxtaposed with binary opposites to demonstrate how the past has shaped the present. Furthermore, the significance of the ANZAC values in forgiving our contemporary identity with the use of...
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