English: Sophocles and Land Oedipus

Topics: Tragic hero, Hamartia, Thought Pages: 1 (508 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Alexis Jones
Mr. Rowland
English 11 Honors
30 September 2014
Oedipus Tragic Flaw
Oedipus Rex is a story about a tragic hero that has a flaw that helps and harms him, he is flawed from the start brought him about his own actions and he is a leader that faces a tragic end with honor. The author of this book is Sophocles  Oedipus flaw was his pride .During this story Oedipus was very ignorant toward the people around him because he didn’t want to believe that what they were saying was true. He started making assumptions that were outrageous; this proves that he let his pride take control of him. In the story this was quoted “The tyrant is child of pride”. Oedipus thought he was better then everyone, so there was no way that this could happen to him right? Wrong Oedipus was the reason it all happen in the first place! “If he had eyes, I’d say the crime was yours and yours alone.” Oedipus had some much pride that he couldn’t see all the signs that were thrown his way. Oedipus flaw has surprisingly helped him in many ways. I know it’s Ironic how can a flaw help you? Oedipus had so much pride that it helped in tough conflicts. It has also played a big part in helping his kingdom. Oedipus thinks he is special because he has helped the kingdom, here and there. He wants to be looked upon as a hero. “Then once more I must bring what is dark to light”. This is where Oedipus shows some of his true colors. He’s saying that he has to come in and save the day again. . He wants to be looked upon as a hero. Oedipus is a leader with pride. Oedipus is very fond of himself. He holds his head up high like he’s better than everyone else. Oedipus doesn’t think that anyone can question his actions because of all the good things that he has brought to the kingdom. ‘’No man questions your power to rule the land” Oedipus once explained that he is the reason that he so great, no one helped him he did it all own his own. That is why he thinks his this great god. “But I came by,...
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