English Sa1 2012 Question Ppr Class 10

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General Instructions : 1. 2. The Marking Scheme provides general guidelines to reduce subjectivity and maintain uniformity. The answers given in the marking scheme are the best suggested answers. Marking be done as per the instructions provided in the marking scheme. (It should not be done according to one’s own interpretation or any other consideration). Marking Scheme be strictly adhered to and religiously followed. Alternative methods be accepted. Proportional marks be awarded. If a question is attempted twice and the candidate has not crossed any answer, only first attempt be evaluated and ‘EXTRA’ written with second attempt. In case where no answers are given or answers are found wrong in this Marking Scheme, correct answers may be found and used for valuation purpose.

3. 4. 5.

SECTION - A ( READING – 20 MARKS ) 1. Q.1 - Q.3 Objective : Marking Note 1.1 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) The two rockets were named Rohini and Menaka after the mythological dancers in the court of Indra. The Indian payloads were launched by Indian rockets because of atmosphere of trust and commitment created by Prof. Sarabhai. By motivating each team member to participate in solving the problem, Prof. Sarabhai ensured that solutions were genuine and everyone was committed. Prof. Sarabhai had a very positive attitude and he would praise the team even if the members failed to achieve the goals. Prof. Sarabhai’s working methods were such that he could persuade everyone to work, work pressure was lowered and quality of work was high. Delhi was an unfriendly place for the author because he was used to the warm and humid climate of South India. : : Local and global comprehension of a text. To identify the main points of the text. 20 marks – 1 mark for each correct answer. No penalty for spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes. 1x6=6

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Answer following questions briefly. (a) How did Prof. Sarabhai motivate the team members to work beyond their limits ? By bringing someone from the developed world for a technical collaboration. (b) How does the narrator describe his relationship with God ? Working partnership, made a true estimate of his abilities, raised them by fifty percent and placed himself in God’s hands. Find words from the passage which mean the same as : (a) To carry out plans implementation (b) Team work collaboration to bring electricity to their village provide cost effective power green technology in the dusty rural hamlet of Tumkuha operates




(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)



Marking : 1 mark each (a) gratitude (b) blue (c) colours (d) eat (e) sleep SECTION – B ( Writing - 25 marks ) Objective : To write in a style appropriate to a notice Marking : 4 marks Content : 2 marks Expression : 2 marks (Fluency and Accuracy) Objective :To interpret the information given and write a coherent paragraph. Marking : 6 marks Content : 2 marks Fluency : 2 marks Accuracy : 2 marks Objective To assess the use of appropriate style, language, content and expression. Marking : 7 marks Content : 3 marks Fluency : 2 marks Accuracy : 2 marks Under content credit should be given to originality of the candidate in presenting new ideas. To write an article. Marking : 8 marks Content : 4 marks Fluency : 2 marks Accuracy : 2 marks :






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Marks : (a) (ii) (b) (iv) (c) (iv) (d) (ii) (e) (iv) (f) (i) (g) (ii) (h) (i) Marks : (a) (iv) (b) (i) (c) (ii) (d) (iii)

4 the in is have to you of a

SECTION - C ( Grammar - 20 marks ) - ½ mark for each correct answer.


4 - 1 mark for each correct answer. are taken is applied are cut are placed


Marks : 4 - ½ mark for each correct answer (a) on in (b) for to (c) numbers number (d) for of (e) at in (f) since...
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