English Revision Paper

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Jenna Newton

I have used revision in past writing in school when I was writing my final essay last year and you had to cover all of the important parts of that course. I was so confident that I did cover all the important points, but after I handed it in I remembered I forgot a part and so I went back and revised it. Outside of school I used it when I was writing my job application. On the application it says to describe yourself, so I started off to a good start but then I had my mom read it over and she noticed I missed a part so I went back and revise it. For my final essay it would of really lowered my grade if I didn’t revise my paper and for the job application if I didn’t add that description about myself then they could of not hired me. It was valuable to me as a writer because if I never revised my papers then I could have missed important parts of the assignment and it could have really affected my grade for that essay. Also I choose that quote because I can relate to it because when ever I write I never think its correct or the best I could of done so I go over and over the essay until I think it’s the best I could of done. Also it makes me stay on that topic instead of just writing down words to take up space on the paper. Its also makes me think about what I can add to make it better or what I should take out that doesn’t need to be there. The quote “Getting the words right” is relatable to everyone because the first time you sit down to write you have an idea in your head but you don’t know how to put it down on paper. Every time you revise your essay you don’t just look at the word but the whole structure of the essay. Like you look at where you need to add periods, where to capitalize letters and also where to add citations.
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