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Topics: Family, Want, Son Pages: 4 (1529 words) Published: February 14, 2012
Unit 1- Short Stories
B. Reading Response Journals

“Write me Sometime” – Taien Ng- Chan
Food is particularly powerful as a symbol because of the relationship that it helps build in this story. It brings together two people that usually wouldn’t be together and helps make their relationship stronger. Every Saturday, the father and daughter would get together to have any meal that they would be craving the week before. This gave them a reason to go out and spend quality time together. It also became a routine each week to go out together and eat. She started to look forward to each outing she had with her dad, which instantly brightened up her day. Food allowed him to take her out and not loose touch with her since he didn’t live with her. It showed that he still wanted to have some type of relationship with her and not just become acquaintances with each other. Because of the strong relationship he built with her over the years, it lead to still being in touch with each other by writing letters when she went away for university. When that Saturday rolled around, it would remind both of them of the days they would go out to eat with each other. I think this is why they kept writing to each other, to make up for not going out to each with each other. It was a way, and a substitution for them to keep their relationship strong even if they didn’t see each other. The father also used food as a way to start up a conversation because he feels that awkward tension and vibe between them. Instead of just going out for a walk to catch up or even catching up over a cup of tea, he insisted to eat. He needed the distraction of food to mask the awkwardness. He also uses food as a way to show he cares for her. He kept buying her food to take home as a symbol of his love for her. He isn’t the most emotional person, so the food was something he chose to use to bring out his feelings. The irony in the statement “She’s fine, we both said. Things are going fine.” really shows...
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