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ENG- 118
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Magic Realism is one of the important elements which makes the story enjoyable.

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22th January, 2014


First of all, I would like to thank A.Q.M.A Rahman Bhuiyan, instructor of the course ENG 118, North South University for assigning this research paper. In the course of preparing it, I learned a lot about different aspects of magic realism and I have got a new perspective on the subject matter. Doing this report was quite enjoyable to me. It has been one of the most exciting and invigorating learning experiences I have had in a long time.

I would also like to give my special thanks to my friend Priyanka who assisted me in doing the secondary research and gave his personal insight on the subject during preparing this research paper.

Magic realism or magical realism is a genre where magic elements are a natural part in an otherwise mundane, realistic environment.Although it is most commonly used as a literary genre, magic realism also applies to film and the visual arts.One example of magic realism occurs when a character in the story continues to be alive beyond the normal length of life and this is subtly depicted by the character being present throughout many generations. On the surface the story has no clear magical attributes and everything is conveyed in a real setting, but such a character breaks the rules of our real world. The author may give precise details of the real world such as the date of birth of a reference character and the army recruitment age, but such facts help to define an age for the fantastic character of the story that would turn out to be an abnormal occurrence like someone living for two hundred years.This critical perspective towards magical realism stems from the Western reader's disassociation with mythology, a root of magical realism more easily understood by non-Western cultures. Many writers are categorized as "magical realist," which confuses what the term really means and how wide its definition is. The hypothesis was that, Magic Realism is one of the important elements which makes the story enjoyable. The arguments and judgments are deduced from analyses of data collected from the secondary research.

Table of Contents

Magic Realism is one of the important elements which makes the story enjoyable. Introduction

The history of magic realism, was coined in Germany in the 1920s in relation to the painting of the Weimar Republic that tried to capture the mystery of life behind surface reality. Lo real maravilloso or marvellous realism, was introduced in Latin America during the 1940s as an expression of the mixture of realist and magical views of life in the context of the differing cultures of Latin America expressed through its art and literature. Magical realism was introduced in the 1950s in relation to Latin American fiction, but has since been adopted as the main term used to refer to all narrative fiction that includes magical happenings in a realist matter-of-fact narrative, whereby, 'the supernatural is not a simple or obvious matter, but it is an ordinary matter, and everyday occurance - admitted, accepted, and integrated into the rationality and materiality of literary realism.' According to the result of search engine -www.magicalrealism.info/p/background.html. “Magical realism is an inevitably paradoxical term. Thus the most obvious question to ask about it is also the most fraught: how far does it reveal or obscure reality? In the study of Latin American literature, critics have, historically, been divided broadly between those who see the magical or fantastic dimension as underlining the essentially fictional or unknowable nature of both literature and reality, and those who see the...

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