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Topics: Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince William of Wales, Diana, Princess of Wales Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: April 1, 2014

Princess Diana


I. IntroductionThesis Statement: Princess Diana was a loving and caring person.

II. Body ParagraphTopic Sentence: Diana Spencer was born on July 1, 1961.

a. She was born at Park House near Sandringham, Norfolk
b. She was the youngest daughter
c. After her parents divorced she lived with her father
d. After death of her grandmother they moved to the Spencer seat at Althorp in Northamptonshire. III. Body paragraph #2 Topic Sentence: Diana was educated at a preparatory school a. In 1974 she went as a boarder to west heath

b. She showed talent for music and dancing
c. She played piano
d. Won an award for the girl giving maximum help to the school and her classmates. e. She finished school at the Institute Alphin Videm Anette in Rougemont Switzerland f. Worked as a kindergarten teacher

IV. Body Paragraph #3 Topic Sentence: Diana Spencer announced her engagement to the Prince of Wales on February 24, 1981 a. They were neighbors for many years until 1975.
b. They met again when he was invited to a weekend at Althorp in November 1977 c. They were married at St. Pauls Cathedrial in London on July 29, 1981 d. The wedding drew global attention, over 1,000 million people watched/ listened. e. Diana was the first English woman to marry an heir to the throne for 300 years V. Body Paragraph #4 Topic Sentence: Princess Diana had 2 sons a. Prince William Arthur Philip was born on June 21,1982

b. Prince Henry (harry) Charles Albert David was born on September 15, 1984 c. Both born at St. Mary’s hospital in Paddington, London
VI. Body Paragraph # 5 Topic Sentence: Prince William and Princess Diana announced they agreed to separate in December 1992. a. Tv interview she spoke about how she was unhappy
b. They were divorced on August 28, 1996
c. They shared equal responsibility for the upbringing of their children d. She continued to be regarded as a member of the royal...
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