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THESIS: Pursuing a college degree allows individuals to have better career opportunities than those without a degree. BACKGROUND: After graduating from high school most individuals have an idea of the type of career they want to pursue or should I say everyone has a dream of who they want to be when they grow older and graduate. Following high school there is an entry level called college that individuals pursue to pertain a degree in study. The degree of study pertained allows access to pursue a higher career and fulfill dreams and goals in accomplishing a certain employment position. Career success is very important in today’s daily life challenges. Not receiving proper education, which is normally college courses could stop us from making a certain salary or getting a job that we really wanted. Education can take us a very long way. OBJECTIVE: My paper will prove the importance of pertaining a college degree and how people with a degree have better career opportunities than those without. I intend on accomplishing this goal by researching different websites on the internet to see advantages and disadvantages of a college degree. I also plan on searching Argosy’s library to see what other information is available. I know that a college degree kind of guarantees a level of position when filling out an application, because a lot of employers look for a college degree. During my research I hope to learn more details of why individuals with a college degree have more career opportunities than an individual without. SUPPORTING POINTS: 1. Advantages of a college graduate.a) They are offered an opportunity to higher earning potentialb) Exposed to Employer providing health care coverage c) Career opportunities available to college graduates.2. Some intangible reasons to pursue a college degree College graduates tend to lead a more examined life.b) Present and future doors begin to become available.c) College graduates are able to provide change in the lives of...

Bibliography: http://education.yahoo.net/articles/benefits_of_www.collegelife.about.com/od/academiclifewww.worldwidelearn.com/online-education
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