English Periodical Test

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Title of the Lesson: Brainstorming

Description of Lesson: Participants gather over a common goal and find solutions. Group synergy allows for new ideas to be dynamically constructed and recapitulated. Brainstorming is generally conducted in a synchronous session so that ideas can quickly develop; however, it can also be done asynchronously allowing for participants to consider options over time.

Appropriate Content Areas: Good for any process oriented course. Can also be used in political science or other fields involving social analysis. May also be attached to other group activities as an initial function.

Brainstorming in Advertising
Goals & Objectives:

Generally, the goal of brainstorming is to come up with a solution to a problem or ideas to start a project. The problems can be as open-ended as how should a given item x be presented in context y with z resources. Below are some sample goals statements.

After actively participating in a brainstorming session, students will...

compare and discriminate among ideas,
assess the value of various solutions,
arrive at a consensus on the given solution,
defend their own ideas and those that they choose to adopt,
predict possible outcomes to a process,
outline a proposal,
report their final proposal, and/or
list possible solutions
...as determined by successfully attending to 80% of rubric items.


Before beginning a brainstorming session a few things need to be present. The students must be willing to share ideas with a group and accept the viewpoints of others. Prior reading may be needed from which to draw ideas.

Materials and Resources:

The instructor must set the goals for the session or provide the guidelines under which the students will arrive at goals. Prior materials may need to be prepared as resources during the brainstorming session. The instructor will want to make available a synchronous or asynchronous tool within which the students can...
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