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Topics: Fairy tale, South Africa, Nelson Mandela Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: September 5, 2011
Dead man’s shoes written by David Evans; David was born and raised in South Africa, but after 5 years in prison for anti-apartheid activities, he moved from his hometown. The story is about recently widow Anne Bezuidenhout. Her husband of many years Piet Bezuidenhout had broken his neck at the Pampoenfontein gymkhana and was now dead. Anne was pleasant-faced with wide green eyes and had a flickering, charming and tantalizing smile. Most important, Anne was rich. She had ten thousand morgen fully paid for, fruitful lands and all the right equipment. Not to mention the hills well grassed to feed sheep and cattle even in bad times, the money that everyone knew was piling up in the bank, the brand new Saab cabriolet, the original paintings in nearly every room, the expensive furniture or the swimming pool or the resurfaced tennis court. Yes, Anne was wealthy and very interesting for all the bachelors, divorces and widowers in the district. They all thought, that they might just be right one to fill out the dead man’s shoes. An unusual fairytale

Over the next period of time she received everyone politely. Perhaps she even hoped that in time the suitors would lose heart and most did, except for a motley 7 who persisted. The stubborn 7 was Harry Smith, the towns auctioneer and 65 years old. Harry was still a bachelor despite his age. Jamie Roy was the youngest of the 7. No more than 45. Jamie was a farmer and recently bereaved. Maritz Grootbek was Pampoenfontein’s only lawyer and probably the cleverest. Japie van Os, also bereaved, was the richest though not as rich as Anne. Frank Sellers, a trader and Hannes Snyman, a butcher and last but not least the teacher. The story is written from his viewpoint. Anne was not only wealthy and beautiful; she was also independent and taking charge of the staff herself. Samuel Pitso, her reliable black foreman had practically grown up with her deceased husband. Sam’s father had served Piet’s father and now Sam was...
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