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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Social network service, Social network Pages: 5 (1156 words) Published: November 9, 2014
Ja’Quasia Griffin
English 1210- 12
22 April 2014
Keeping up with the Jones?
In our generation surfing online was a born addiction. The question is why? The social media influences young adult lives’ in positive and negative ways. While social networking tools are supposed to make our work easier, the increased ease and time saved makes us self-reliant. Inhibiting the social network in school systems are raising questions on the point of trying to keep up with the Jones. Students should stick to educational websites in school such as fun-brain or Discovery Education. Not twitter and Facebook. Going on a safari online to look for love is an iffy situation, but some people have found their perfect match on some of the major dating sites being advertised nowadays. According to Match.com, it is the highest dating site that has the most relationships to start off. What about relationships that are successful? Interpersonal relationships, educational curriculum, and your self-profile is influenced tremendously by social networking in positive and negative ways. The positives of technology have become the negatives in social and interpersonal lives’. Yes, social networking tools have made our lives’ easier by communicating quickly with others, but now the little things we do such as going shopping as a family in the mall has been cut short. For example, ordering items offline has become more convenient than experiencing the trip of going to the mall. When families came together while washing clothes by hand and hanging them on a clothes line, it was a chance to bond, but now it have been cut short because of the invention of washing machines and dryers. Fast-forwarding to the future families just throw their clothes in the washing machine and part ways to watch TV, shop online, or play games. When families get into an argument they should talk out the problems, but now families leave the argument to watch TV in their room and nothing gets settled. According to McQuillen, "Television is not a force for change as much as it is a force for stability"(McQuillen). This quote shows how TV does not solve all problems, but it will get your mind off of real life problems for a second. Although technology helps speed up the process of completing tasks such as writing a paper, it also has a toll on the interpersonal relations we have between family and friends which is why our generation don’t know the meaning of starting slow in any relationships. Inhibiting the social network in educational curriculums are raising questions on why? The positives of having social networks involved in school systems are that it will make it easier for students to keep up with their school work and parents will be able to have a glimpse of their child life in class. According to Schachter, teachers can use their class Facebook page to report their classroom activities and post pictures and videos of their students. According to Schachter, "The district had started using Facebook as a communication tool this past fall, and it felt a bit hypocritical that we were using it for that while prohibiting it elsewhere" (Schachter). This quote shows how school workers are trying to handle using Facebook in class in a professional and educational manner with their students. According to Schachter, an educational way to use Facebook in school classrooms would be for students to create videos of classroom exercises such as mock trails in social studies under their teachers’ supervision. The negatives of implementing social networks in school systems are that school officials feel like websites such as Facebook and YouTube will cause problems in school. For example, Schachter explains how in order for social networks to work in school systems school officials have to be plugged in, logged on, and knee deep in the digital stream to watch for inappropriate posts. School officials have already expressed that will be too much. Also, school officials think it...
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