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Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Cancer Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Hassan Amoura
Professor Botos
English 102
4 February, 2013
Obesity Is Not a Medical Problem
Americans have been getting heavier and heavier since 1980; it is not a hidden secret. With all the different fast food chains and expensive healthy food versus the inexpensive unhealthy food, it is not a surprised a person would rather choose a ninety nine cent cheeseburger over a nine dollar salad. Obesity comes with all of its different types of health risks, which does not mean it is connected with disease though.

People are obese use the excuse that “my parents/grandparents were obese so that means its genetic.” Well with that being said, there is no way to prove that even if I eat salads, fruits and veggies all day long, every day of the week, that I will still obtain heart disease. No matter what, if you eat fast food and drink nothing but cola and root beer all day every day; you will get heart disease; whether you are one hundred pounds or six hundred pounds.

Diabetes comes from over consumption of sugary and unhealthy foods (which of course leads to overweight men and women). If you are naturally an overweight person, and there is no way of getting rid of it; eating healthy is the way to go. It will stop the risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and even cancer!

Avoiding all of this is not too hard; it just takes a little bit of determination, dedication, and motivation. Eating healthy, which means watching what you eat and not eating to much of that greasy, gross, chemical ridden food that is sold at every fast food restaurant? Exercise daily, and get out as much as possible. Obesity is said to be a cause of being lazy, not the cause of genes. Eating organically is the best thing for people and the environment, it keeps the body chemical free and rid of disease and keeps the earth safe for us to breath.
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