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Topics: Iraq War, Iraq, Gulf War Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Beanka safane
4th hour
The Iraq war
The Iraqi people are dying the past 15 years due to the Iraq war .on March 2003 Anglo-American assault on and subsequent occupation of Iraq representing the most recent chapter. Children have been disproportionately affected; many have died from infectious disease. When I was in Iraq I was little I didn’t understand what was happening but I survived during that time it has been almost 5 years people trying to kill my family and I it was the worst time of my life that’s the reason my family and I came to the united states one of my cousins ended up dying the soldiers came in her house and killed she was only 14 at that time how would you feel if you or one of your family members died 60 people got injured and about 1.2 billion people got dead just do to the conflict of the Iraq war. Bombing on Iraq’s capital city Baghdad on March 20 2003 and 10 explosion’s occurred .began with the gulf of war of 1991 when United States bombed Iraq’s vital facilities war continued to limit the war of power. Chemicals were one think that caused thousands of deaths and terrible weakening of general population. Bombing stuck 10 neighborhoods. Bombs exploded across Baghdad two days after church attack.it was really harmful. What will you do if you were in this danger place? I lived there since I was little and I left when I was 7 years old because of the war that happened where I lived that included when the soldiers actually tried to brake in our house which was really scary
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