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Topics: Education, Believe, Cultural studies Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Children of the future
The NCTE believes that, “Teachers and teacher educators must respect all learners and themselves as individuals with culturally defined identities.” In Nilsa Mariano’s essay, “hunger” she also believes that the students must be respected as individuals. She believes that each student has their own personality and each child should be treated equally no matter the cultural differences. The children are negatively affected by the mentality that the teachers do no appreciate their cultural capital or their potential: They hunger for attention to be recognized, to show off, and to be proud of who they are. Teachers and teacher educators should not have any negative mentalities towards the children because this shows that the teachers do not appreciate their full potential, and for that, teachers do not recognize the kids of who they could become. “We are not raising rocket scientist here.” stated the tall, blond lady. By her saying this, she puts a negative thought into the children head that they are not smart enough and they are only good at their artistic skills. Nilsa Marino argues, “I am sure that the children enjoy their artistic side, as I enjoy mine in addition to my work as a teacher and scholar.” She back up with this statement to show the tall blond lady that as a Latina, her too could be a scholar. Educators should treat each and every one the same so that the children are not eager to be someone they are not. Nilsa Marino states, “I could not walk five feet without children stepping in my path, telling me proudly that they were Spanish.” The children need to believe that they are perfect the way that they are. They were so eager to show off their talents and creativity to those who believed and understand them. To have someone of their own kind and someone who simply believed and understand them and not see them as the colored children. Finally, each and every student should be proud of their cultural background and should not be...
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