English Movement

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The English only Movement

Casey Jackson

In Today’s Society there are so many different languages being spoken in America. There are also so many different cultures and ethnic groups in the United States. This only means that there will be many more languages spoken then.

As anyone can tell America has become a boiling point of different ethnic groups in school, and even in places where people work. But there is a problem so many people speak different languages and need to speak the language native to that country if they want to attend there work place or school.

I think If you are going to be going to another country in seek of education, or job opportunities then you should have to speak the native language at least, somewhat fluent. So if you expect to be going to another country for education, jobs or just going to live there then you should want to speak there tone of language, and it will make it easier on yourself.

As far as coming from another country to get an education and not speaking the native language the schools should have some kind of class to help these students succeed in learning there native language to the country. But as far as jobs go it should be mandatory to know the native language, because if someone asks you to do a certain task and you don’t understand what they are saying then how are you supposed to do that job.

Now if your coming from another country and staying in a new country and what to celebrate a Holiday that is with your culture then go right ahead and celebrate it however you may. But don’t force it on the country you live in to celebrate that Holiday with you.

So from all of this you should have know when your coming to a different country that you should speak its native language. I personally don’t think the native language of America should be changed just because of the people moving into the new country who don’t speak the language. They...
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