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English 4 introduces the students to different literary genres which is vital to comprehension and appreciation of literature. The module exposes students to a substantial collection of poetry. Prose, being lengthy, is typified by essays, fables, short stories, novels, and short plays. The essentials of literature, which are comprehensively treated by Arsenia Tan in her book, strengthen the students’ foundation in understanding literature.


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Objectives refer to syllabus__________________________________________2 Literary Standard__________________________________________________3 Literary Approaches ________________________________________________4 Elements of Fiction_________________________________________________5 Literary Devices____________________________________________________6 Elements of Poetry _________________________________________________7 Figure of Speech____________________________________________________8 Structure of a Poem _________________________________________________9 Elements of English__________________________________________________10 Drama ____________________________________________________________11-12 Ingredients of Literature ______________________________________________13-15 Poetry _____________________________________________________________16-41 Fables ______________________________________________________________42-46 Essays______________________________________________________________47-50 Short Stories _________________________________________________________51-76 Short plays ___________________________________________________________77-97 Bibliography__________________________________________________________98

English 4
Literature comes from the Latin word “LITERA” which literally means an acquaintance with letters, the root definition of literature. It is a body of literary productions, either oral, written or visual, containing imaginative language that realistically portrays thoughts, emotions, and experiences of the human condition.

Literature is an art that reflects the works of imagination, aesthetics, and creative writing which are distinguished for the beauty of style or expression as in fiction, poetry, essay, or drama, in distinction from scientific treatises and works which contain positive knowledge.

Literary Standards
1. Universality. Literature, as compared to any other forms of writing, is not bound by race, sex, and time.

2. Artistry. Literature has an aesthetic appeal and thus possesses a sense of beauty.

3. Intellectual Value. Literature stimulates critical thinking that enriches mental processes of abstract truths of life and its nature.

4. Suggestiveness. Literature unravels and conjures man’s emotional power to define symbolisms, nuances, implied meanings, images and messages, giving and evoking visions above and beyond the plane of ordinary life and experience.

5. Spiritual Value. Literature elevates the spirit and the soul and thus has the power to motivate and inspire, drawn from the suggested morals or lessons of the different literary genres.

6. Permanence. Literature endures across time and draws out the time factor: timeliness, occurring at a particular time, and timeliness, remaining invariable throughout time.

7. Style. Literature presents peculiar way/s on how man sees life as evidenced by the formation of his ideas, forms, structures, and expressions which are marked by their memorable substance.


1. Cultural Model
Literature aims to understand and appreciate cultures and ideologies different from one’s own in time and space.

2. Language Model
Literature aims to promote language development like vocabulary and structure.

3. Personal Growth Model
Literature aims to help one achieve lasting pleasure and deep satisfaction in reading....
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