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Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Plural Pages: 8 (1798 words) Published: February 21, 2011
three main points

"Of Plymouth Plantation" by William Bradford

Summary: Bradford describes life in the new Puritan (1)'city upon a hill'. The Puritans thanked God for bringing them to the new land and built their lives around him. Although, in the beginning, (2) they had to push through disease and harsh weather. Bradford also describes how lonely the Pilgrims felt, because no one could 'greet them' and they were in a place in which they knew nothing about. He knew that the Pilgrims knew they were in for hardship. (3)"What could not sustain us but the spirit of God and his grace?"

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" by Jonathan Edwards

Summary: (1) "There is nothing that keeps wicked men at any one moment out of hell, but the mere pleasure of God." Edwards tells his listeners that they can be sent to hell at any time merely for being sinners. (2) Even on Earth, he says, we continue to suffer for our sin, and we are in danger of Satanic captivation. (3) The only way to save your soul is to repent and trust in God's protection.

"A Model of Christian Charity" by John Winthrop

Summary: Winthrop's 'model' requires (1) Being rich in spirit throughout you society (2) Diversity to allow many ways of deity honorifics and kindness to all. (3) Common conflict and ideas to unify members of society, leading them to be together, one with God.

"To My Dear and Loving Husband" by Anne Bradstreet

Summary: (1) This romantic poem is about Anne's love and loyalty to her husband. (Doesn't Bradstreet seem to elevate her husband above herself as in saying 'compare with me, ye woman, if you can.') (2) Anne is desires to be with her husband for ever on Earth and in Heaven. If he should die she would not persevere. (3) Anne sees a strong unity and happy companionship between her and Mr. Bradstreet.

Name some Puritan values:
a. being an example to non-Christians and Christians alike
b. sounding like God in their writing
c. honoring God in all aspects and being plain and centered

Who do the Puritans want to sound like in their writing?

The Puritans came to create a "city upon a hill" in the 1600's


Character List: * and short side notes *

1. John Proctor - affair with Abigail

2a. Elizabeth Proctor - turned cold because of Abigail and her husband

2b. Francis Nurse - Putnam enemy

3. Rebecca Nurse - accused, respected elderly lady

4. Thomas Putnam - political grudge against the Nurses, thirst for wealth

5. Ann Putnam - has 1 surviving daughter of 8, accuses Nurse for that

6. Mary Warren - truthful about witch accusations

7. Susanna Walcott - Abigail conspirator

8. Mercy Lewis - Abigail conspirator

9. Abigail Williams - looking for blood and revenge on Elizabeth Proctor

10. Judge Danforth - rough, in-yo-face

11. Judge Hawthorne - believes the lying girls along with Danforth

12. Reverend Hale - young intellect sent to Salem to investigate trials

13. Reverend Parris - obsessed with hell and personal power, disliked

14. Giles Corey - claims he can't pray (never attends church) b/c of Marth.

15. Martha Corey - accused for having 'black' magic books

16. Ruth Putnam (daughter) - becomes mentally ill after seen dancing

17. TITUBA :D - Barbados slave, knows witchcraft, helps Abby

18. Betty Parris (daughter) - becomes mentally ill after seen dancing

19. Cheever and Herrick - town marshals


Salem Village Is….

a. a village full of nosy people
b. a place where people believe in quiet, obedient, conservative children c. rainy, gray, and a lush-less Northern village
d. a place where things are plain, dull, and boring 'everything is a sin'

(Symbols and Themes)

a. Rebecca Nurse - strong, wise, kind, respected LIKE A(N) ax, tree, gem

b. John Proctor- handsome, smart, strong, always changing LIKE A(N) butterfly, sword

c. Abigail Williams- beautiful, conniving, evil, dangerous LIKE A(N)...
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