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Mike Davis’ essay “Fortress Los Angeles: The Militarization of Urban Space” talks about an “Urban renaissance” in Los Angeles. What does he mean by this? What effect has this had on the city’s poor and working class? How does Davis’ essay connect with Barry Lopez’s “Caring for the Woods?”

Scheleen. Grant
English 112
Prof. Hatchet

In Mike Davis “Fortress Los Angeles the Militarization of the Urban Space,” he talks about an “Urban renaissance”, in Los Angeles. The “Urban renaissance,” is the, “city of the future.” It is the renewal of the empty spaces and lots in downtown Los Angeles. Mike Davis speaks on how it affected the poor and the working class by excluding them from the downtown Los Angeles area. In Barry Lopez’s “Caring for the Woods,” he talks about a development and destruction of the woods and its effects on the environment. In “Fortress Los Angeles the Militarization of Urban space,” by Mike Davis’ and “Caring for the Woods,” by Barry Lopez’s both authors talk about the development of the environment and its impact.

The “Urban renaissance,” is defined by Mike Davis as the renewal and development of new buildings in the downtown Los Angeles (pg. 294). Davis says “local developers and offshore investors,” is developing a progression of “Block-square complexes” the Crocker Center, Bonaventure Hotel and a shopping mall (pg. 295). The main goal of the “Urban renaissance,” is to remove the old downtown and to develop a new modernized area consisting of hotels and shopping malls.

The “Urban renaissance,” prevents the poor and working class from associating and communicating with the middle class. Mike Davis says, “The goals of this strategy may be summarized as a double repression to obliterate all connection with Downtown’s past and to prevent any dynamic association with the non- Anglo urbanism of its future” (pg.295). The “Urban renaissance” is waging war against the poor and working classes in many forms. Mike Davis says one such...
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