English Literature - History Boys Recreational piece

Topics: Homosexuality, The Play, Dakin Building Pages: 2 (1273 words) Published: October 15, 2014
English Literature recreational piece – The History BoysDeclan Lightowler Irwin and Mrs. Lintott have taken the boys on a trip to Fountain’s Abbey. Irwin breaks off with Dakin and Posner to the ruins of the church.Irwin: And this was the central hub of all the monks’ activity before Henry VIII led the dissolution of the monasteries: the church.Posner: Sir, this was the largest building in the Abbey, wasn’t it?Irwin: Yes, yes it was Posner. This was where the monks were brought together in communal worship, private prayer-Dakin: (Interrupting) And general homosexuality, aye?Irwin: Well, yes some monks did involve themselves in homosexual activity. However, it was frowned upon.Dakin: No good for me and you then?Irwin: But, yes this was the heart of Cistercian life as we know it. However, the church was not for the use of the Lay-Brothers’, but just the monks.Posner: Didn’t they have to introduce 8 new chantries for private prayer because of the ever increasing number of monk priests?Dakin: Did they fuck! They inserted 9; 5 in the south aisle and 4 in the north aisle.Irwin: Dakin’s right, although you’re correct in saying that it was because of the growing number of monk priests in the community here at Fountain’s.Posner leaves the church.Irwin: You really should be more sensitive towards him Dakin.Dakin: Why? Because he’s a vulnerable homosexual and he’s fallen for me? Not that I can blame him. (Pause) But, maybe my ignorance is because my love lies elsewhere… Or in Housman’s words, If truth in hearts that perish.Irwin: Right, let’s stay on task. In the late twelfth century, around 120 monks would congregate here daily for ‘the monks’ choir’. Dakin: That’s the thing with you sir. You always have to follow the rules. Never ready for a bit of fun or change.Irwin: I can assure you I have plenty of fun in my own time, but this is work, so let’s carry on. Henry VIII-Dakin: What do you do aside from teaching then?Irwin: I like to read.Dakin: What do you read? In fact,...
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