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In The Name Of God Fatemeh Sadat Nasseri
Draft: 1
Course: essay writing
Tutor: Dr. Bozorgian What are four expectations of an essay writing course? Some people consider it boring some are so excited about it, but it does not matter how you feel about writing course because every student must pass it. When you want to start something you have some expectations about it and it you do not achieve your goals at the end, you just waste your valuable time. In my mind after passing an essay writing course you should expect to manage your time, write a well-structured essay and write your essay with a standard style. At the first step you should manage your time. When you start to write an essay you ought to read and listen to different sources and after that you should organize them. Then you start to write and after writing you must edit your essay. If you have a limited period of time, you have to know how to manage your time and it is a skill that you can learn it in such courses. In order to entertain your readers and make them to continue to read, your essay should be well-structured. Grammatical errors and irrelevant things, will be a negative point for you and will distract your readers. A well-structured essay answers all the questions that the topic makes in readers mind. It is organized and reader can concentrate more in the context. Also good essay is not too short nor too long and there are limited words in every paragraph. During the course students should learn to change their style of writing. You write essay for an academic goal so you should use a formal language and prevent using slangs and informal language. You also need to focus in the way you punctuate. Deleting or a wrong place of a comma will make a big difference in the meaning that you want to convey. The other thing that one should know is referencing. If you do not want to be a theft and...
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