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 {“Berry”}Literature question berry”

1. What was the issue that Mrs. Osborn was having with Berry, regarding his accommodations? 2. Where was Berry eventually employed?
3. What was the rumour about Mrs. Osborn's feelings towards Dr. Renfield? 4. What position did Mr. Osborn hold at the establishment?
5. Recount the discussion between Mrs. Osborn and Dr. Renfield about Berry. What decisions were made? 6. List the tasks that Berry was assigned. What was his view on the number of tasks? 7. What underhanded quality did Berry sense in the house? 

8. What disatisfactory action did Berry observe regarding the treatment of the children? 9. How did Berry treat the children? Give examples.
10. List the ways in which the children's treatment of Berry differ from the adults. 11. What disastrous incident occurred regarding Berry and a child? 12. How did Dr. Renfield visualize this incident would impact the business? 13. List the names that Dr. Renfield called Berry at the end of this short story.  14. What point of view is used to tell the story?

1. List the members of Dorian's family.
2. What point of view is used to tell this short story?
3. What characteristic of her parents' relationship does Dorian miss? Why? 4. Which female parent does Dorian and Maria prefer? Provide on piece of evidence to prove your point. 5. What advice does Mrs. Robinson give Emma regarding her marriage? 6. How does Mrs. Robinson characterize Jack?

7. What critical information does Emma reveal about Jack, in relation to Dorian, to Mrs. Robinson? 8. What did Jack do at the train station that traumatized his family? 9. Recount Emma's reaction to Jack's actions at the train station? 10. Who became Jack's romantic interest?

11. What eventually happened to Dorian and Maria? 
12. What plot structure is used in this short story?
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