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Write about the ways Rosetti tells the story in lines 81­183 of ‘Goblin Market’ ­ 21 marks In lines 81­183 in Goblin Market, Laura wants the Goblin fruit, but says she has no money.
The Goblins say they will accept a “golden curl” in return for their fruit. However Lizzie is concerned for her sister, knowing that a friend of theirs Jeanie, had died after eating the
Goblin fruit. You see this in the lines 147 and 154, where Lizzie says “do you not remember
Jeanie… she pined and pined away… dwindled and grew grey.” Laura comforts Lizzie and tells her not to worry, despite the fact that she’s going to return tomorrow to buy more fruit. Goblin Market takes place in a fantasy world, so perfect it could only be described as idyllic.
They sing songs, almost like sirens would in fairy tales which further suggests the poem takes place in a somewhat magical place. The language used by Rossetti to describe the girls is also very beautiful and pure, such as ‘moonlit poplar branch’ and ‘like a lily from the beck’.
However, the juxtaposition of the serene setting and the sisters’ purity makes the threat of the goblins more prominent. The goblin brothers travel with addictive, poisonous fruits which they use to tempt women. Their animalistic and ‘sly’ characteristics appear completely out of place in such a beautiful environment. Rossetti has used monstrous goblins in a dream like environment to suggest that the women who take the fruit are being enchanted into a dream like state, when really by eating the fruit they’re about to be met by nightmarish pain from the poison fruit. The language and structure of the poem is used by Rosetti to identify some of the poem’s themes. The poem’s erotic and sexual nature is supported by the language of the poem, this

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