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Task 4

Seek Support

Seek Support is a charity which provides a new way for young people to get advice and support. It was set up because it provides ways for young people supporting each other, such as communicate by social networking or mobile phone to support them. Also, Facebook Page, a voice over IP with online video conversation, email and get in touch by text SMS messages are also provided. Our work is for young people get support, not only from trained counsellors, but also from other young people too. They can seeks on the people go to if you want advice of social problems. Here’s the contact information:

Telephone number: 5554 8888
Website: www.seeksupport.org
Email Address: support@seeksupport.org
Remember we have set up Facebook page for helping young people that will help them learn about and link to Seek Support.

Task 5

From our Student Council meeting, we discussed the best way to raise awareness of the Seek Support. We have made the agreements. We choose Social networking sites to be the best way to raise awareness. First of all, it is inappropriate as awareness event held in school which it would be rather too traditional a method considering that Seek Support uses new ways of communicating with young people. And it is not always simple to use web conference and it may exclude some students who are not very good with computers. Also, MMS video messaging is a good idea, however this would be that creating such a video might be too costly for the school’s budget. We all agree that social networking site is seen as good because most students in the school use Facebook regularly. If the school sets up a page that promotes and links to Seek Support, this could effectively communicate to a large number of our students and perhaps students form other school too. So, our student school council voted unanimously to use a Facebook page as the best means of promoting Seek Support.

Task 6

Seek Support is a charity which provides...
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