English Linking Words/Phrases

Topics: Electric charge, Population density, Transmigration program Pages: 12 (940 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Eyes alive with enthusiasm
A rush of embarrassment swept through him
Shocked by the directness of the reply
His face cracked into an apologetic grin
An endless expanse of blue sky
Leaves fell and fluttered like snow flakes
The wind moaned through the trees
Moon sailed across the sky like a ghostly gallion
Pausing for a moment she became aware of her surroundings
The warmth of the air wrapped around her like a scarf
A sudden shiver of excitement shot through her body
His once designer clothes looked anything but attractive
Her shocking smile;broken.
Adventure is the champagne of life.
Absolutely free conscience
Absorbingly interesting occupation
Abundantly illustrated book 
Acoustically indistinct consonants
Admittedly difficult task 
Apparently disconnected facts
Architecturally successful edifice
Astonishingly young mind
Awfully up-hill work 
Badly drawn character 
Basically irrelevant detail
Biologically important functions
Bitterly contested wars
Blatantly defied convention
Skeevy – Unpleasant
Defy - 1. openly resist or refuse to obey 2.appear to be challenging someone to do or prove something Edifice – 1.a large imposing building 2. a complex system of beliefs Brightly coloured flowers

Brilliantly written book 
Carefully ascertained facts
Carefully chosen examples

Carefully developed theory

Clearly defined pattern

Closely guarded secret

Closely related words

Commercially oriented people

Commonly used words

Comparatively recent development

Completely different angle

Completely illiterate audience

Constantly changing background

Constantly recurring themes

Critically edited text

Currently fashionable dressDangerously disparaging attributes •
Dazzlingly beautiful illuminations

Dearly loved person

Deeply felt resentment

Deeply rooted tradition

Delightfully chivalrous statement

Densely populated areas

Divinely inspired poetry

Eagerly awaited news

Easily accomplished task 

Economically advanced nation

Economically backward areas

Elegantly dressed person

Eminently readable introduction

Eminently respectable figures

Emotionally charged sound

Entirely unfamiliar country

Exceedingly clever man

Extremely attractive girl

Extremely grave risks

Extremely popular songsFairly accurate details

Fairly reliable guide

Fantastically inspiring place

Finely framed speech

Flamboyantly handsome man

Frequently used word

Fully qualified person

Fundamentally different approachGaily plumaged birds

Gaudily coloured beaks

Generally accepted fact

Genuinely new ideas

Gorgeously created figures

Grammatically different words

Grievously committed sins

Happily chosen term

Hardly audible sound

Hastily summoned meeting

Heavily bearded person

Highly developed feeling

Highly disciplined community

Highly emotional speeches

Highly readable narrative

Highly sophisticated equipment

Historically correct usage

Historically related family of languages

Honestly earned money

Hugely impressive system

Immensely complicated affairs

Immensely suggestive book 

Increasingly inelegant expressions

Increasingly popular subject

Inexpressibly beautiful measure

Infinitely productive artist

Infinitely small quantities

Infinitely variable world

Infinitely varied world

Insipidly pious woman

Intellectually mature person

Intensely interesting experience

Intensely private life

Intensely subjective poet

Internationally known scientist

Juridically free peasants

Keenly analytical ear 

Lavishly illustrated pages

Lavishly produced publications

Lawfully constituted authority

Legally wedded wife

Lexicologically interesting polysemy

Linguistically enlightened editors

Literally translated vernacular expressions

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