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English Language Society

By amniazhari Aug 14, 2013 962 Words

Subject: speech
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Date: Saturday, 21 January, 2012, 2:42 AM

The Importance of English Language”
             A profoundly good morning to our honorable and respected principal, charismatic teachers and devoted fellow friends. In conjunction with the English Month, I, as the President of English Language Society, am glad to be given this golden opportunity to deliver a very interesting and exciting speech entitled,“The Importance of English Language”. In addition, this is indeed a great pleasure to have a chance to draw your attention regarding “The Importance of English Language”. Language plays an important role in human life.It helps people to communicate and interact so that they can understand each other. Out of all the languages in the world, English Language is certainly the international language. There are numerous reasons on why English is widely accepted and spoken worlwide.Many people are making themselves learning this language and I would like to share some reasons why this language is so worth learning.             Firstly, imagine if people do not understand English.There would be many miscommunications worldwide and may cost a lot of inconveniences to majority of the world’s population.English Language teaches us to communicate and interact.Many social sites such as facebook,twitters and many others linked people from many parts of the world.They exchange information and views and ofcourse this is done in English.This make the language more important.             The next fact I’m sharing with you is finding a job in this competitive society. Every boss is looking for qualified, talented, smart and confident employees with fluent English. Why English is so weighty and useful to find a job? It is because we already know that people deal with others in English language especially in the business and scientific circles and many others. So, what my point here is that we cannot get a pretty good job or a promotion without having the proficiency in the language.Thus, in order to advance in the professional world, we must proceed with and have strong English.           As we all know, Japan is a developing country and everyone has to learn English. It is because today everything seems to be English. When we consider about education in Japan, children are forced to learn English starting at preschool in order to make their English better. English is added as a compulsory subject in every examination’s level in Japan. Japanese universities are conducting almost all the studies through English medium. After completing a university degree it’s time to take up a professional course and of course those professional courses are in English medium. So, I think we have to be a very knowledgeable in English to be educated and to shine in the society. As the Taiwanese saying goes, striving and endeavoring bring us to victory and triumph.             How do we communicate with others people in the foreign countries who do not speak our mother tongue language? The answer is using English because everyone knows at least a little English. English helps to raise up tourism because it’s easy to communicate with the foreigners. Just think about how hard would it be to keep tourism in each country if tourist guides and the tourists don’t know at least a little bit English. English language makes things go easier and simpler.Indeed, learning English is a waste!             Apart from that, is book a kind of boredom for you? If the answer is yes, let us turn to a new leaf. It is undeniable that, books are everything to us. Books! Books are one of the medium in enhancing our English. A massive quantity of books are written in English so we must know the English language to gain some knowledge to learn something new or to read more. There are abundant books translated in English language so that foreigners can read and enjoy them. On the other hand, foreign books which are not written in English are translated to English language so that anyone who knows English well can read those books too. Moreover, read more, learn more make us more skillful in the language.             The last but not least reason is internet. A survey has proven that in this borderless world internet has become part and parcel in our lives. Most all the information sharing on the internet are in English. So, we must know English to understand what it is all about and also to communicate with other people via internet. In a nut shell, I must tell this, if you want to go ahead in your life and in your stream you should learn English so that it would be easier to reach your achievements. That is how English plays a major role in our life. Furthermore, a beneficial facility is a facility indeed. In a word, there are innumerable reasons on the importance of English language. Learning English never ends. Learning to properly use one new word every day is a great way to continually learn to utilize the English. To be more accepted in the world, we need to portray ourselves better. People will think of you in a proper way and you will have a golden chance of being accepted. Therefore, you will most likely to have more opportunities in life. Hopefully, you will enhance your English to ascendancy level and be fluent in the soft skill part. Just keep my words that learning today is leading tomorrow. I guess that I would like to rest my case here and I end my speech with the precious words, thank you!

Nik Aisyah Amalien, form 4

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