English Language Production

Topics: Music, Popular music, Biffy Clyro Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: June 20, 2013
English Language Production
JLS named Hardest Working Band. WHAT?!
Charly Isbell investigates the talent and capability of 2012’s ‘hardest working band’.

X Factor boy band JLS were awarded the title ‘Hardest Working Band of 2012’ according to an article posted in The Independent last month. The award was dished out by PRS For Music, who are the company that collect royalties on behalf of songwriters, and is clearly silly. Apparently it was bestowed upon them because JLS played a whopping 34 UK gigs in 2012. Yeah, 34 whole gigs. Big whoop. We’re sure the countless bands who spend pretty much the whole year touring the UK are in complete awe. “We’re delighted to once again be crowned the hardest-working band of the year,” say JLS. “2012 has been an awesome 12 months for us and it means a lot that so many of our fans have had a chance to see us perform live. Thanks again for the support and we look forward to doing more in 2013.” Whatever. When you learn to play instruments and write a full song by yourselves instead of doing fancy-shmancy back flips, I’ll be impressed. JLS are the type of band who stays in a nice cosy £1,000,000 tour bus doing nothing, the poor guys are too scared of getting dirt under their expensively manicured nails to pick up an instrument and practise, or a pen and write a song that actually means something to them. But that’s the sad truth about chart music these days. It’s not about the music anymore; it’s not about making us devoted fans feel special and understood with a few simple lyrics, it’s about the money. Marketing and promotion is where it’s at. It’s not about the lyrics, or the crazy awesome riffs, or the mind blowing drum solo. It sucks. The majority of popular music is now bland, instantly forgotten drivel, occasionally punctuated by a good song. It’s heartlessly manufactured by record companies to appeal to the masses. I will always see songwriting as making the perfect pudding from a homemade recipe. Good music takes...
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