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FLASH BACK:- Of all the languages in the world today, English deserved to be regarded as a world language. It is the world’s most widely spoken language. It is the common means of communication between the people of different nations.

English language learning has its own prospects. Teaching of English as a foreign language for many of our students and a second language for some in our country has not yet achieved the decided aim of free communication of thought. With the down of independence, some Indians demanded that English should quit India with the English. This demand for the abolition of English from this country was due to domination and exploitation of the British people of our country. Some other people argue that if the study of English be killed in India, the progress of this country will be seriously affected. Because of this controversy, the most important problem for us is to decide, what place should be assigned to English in free India.

The teaching of English at schools and colleges should be more practical and language oriented in order to achieve the limited objectives of learning this important world language. The content and character of English language as well as the method of imparting have to undergo a change. It should be taught as a language of comprehension and communication. The basic knowledge of grammar and structure of language needs to be modified. A practical command of the non literary and non technical practical command of the non literary should be acquired at the school age.

MY JUSTIFICATION:-It is my own observation from my teaching...
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