English Language in Discourse Oriented Pedagogy

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“A study on implementation of Discourse oriented Pedagogy (D.O.P) in teaching English language for class VI in Y.S.R District”. INTRODUCTION:
Language is the mental faculty or power of vocal communication expressing ideas and concepts as well as moods, feelings and attitudes. English language is spreading profusely in to all walks of life. It will be considered as a 'basic skill’, to be learned by everyone alongside other the 21st century skills. Some of the states of India are witnessing popular increase in public demand for teaching of English language from the primary classes. As NCF- 2005 emphasizes the goals for a second-language curriculum are Twofold: attainment of a basic proficiency and the development of language into an instrument for abstract thought and knowledge acquisition.

Language acquisition is a non-conscious process, which is to be seen as distinct from conscious process of learning language facts. Language is acquired not through imitation, but through insightful theory construction. Discourse Oriented Pedagogy (D.O.P) is the brain child of Dr. Anandan, consultant (RVM) SSA, Kerala and consultant RVM (SSA) Andhra Pradesh which exactly operates with the above said principle. It is in total agreement with the recommendations of NCF - 2005 with reference to language teaching. The method emphasizes learning not teaching, nurtures learners curiosity, Supports co-operative and collaborative learning, ensures the transaction of English through meticulous spiraling of discourses, Integrates the various skills of language in a most natural way, bridges the gap between the so called “good” and “bad” performers of language.

With the aim of imparting the most effective methods of teaching English, Rajiv Vidya Misson (SSA), Department of School Education have made some strenuous efforts in organizing several high quality trainings at state, district, cluster and mandal levels during the summer 2010. The investigator has been serving as a Key Resource Person for the Orientation Programmes which aimed at imparting Discourse Oriented Pedagogy to teach English Language for classes VI and VII. In this regard he thinks a study on implementation of Discourse oriented Pedagogy (D.O.P) in teaching English language for class VI in Y.S.R District will provide him some valuable clues regarding the D.O.P implementation and its impact on the students’ achievements. OBJECTIVES:

The investigation is aimed at the following objectives.
1. To find out the awareness of teachers in using D.O.P in English language teaching. 2. To assess the classroom practices of teachers in English language teaching through D.O.P method. 3. To assess the achievement levels of students in English language through D.O.P method.

1. Awareness of teachers on “Teaching English language through D.O.P method” is enough and satisfactory. 2. Class room practices of teachers in teaching English through D.O.P method are satisfactory. 3. There is a significant level of achievement of class VI students in English language learnt through D.O.P method.

The following statistical techniques were employed for analyzing the data. 1. Descriptive analysis of the responses with statement wise tabulation of the total teachers sample for the Questionnaire 2. Descriptive analysis for the points of observation in the Observation Schedule for the total teachers sample with the help of pie-diagram. 3. Frequency Distributions were prepared for the total sample for Achievement Test scores. Measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion were calculated wherever necessary. 4. ‘t’ test to find out the significance of difference between relevant sub groups in the Achievement test. TOOLS:

The following tools were employed in this investigation.
1. Questionnaire developed by the investigator
2. Observation schedule developed by the...
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