English Language: Distinction

Topics: Automobile, Vehicle, Brake Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: July 26, 2012
The baby cries more when the truck is stopped as opposed to when the car is stopped. WHAT
IS: the baby crying.
IS NOT: that the driving that is causing it.
DISTINCTION: The baby cries when the car and truck are stopped. CAUSE: When the car OR truck are stopped the baby starts crying sometimes. WHERE
IS: The truck being stopped causes crying more.
IS NOT: The car does cause it but it is not as often as the truck. DISTICTION: The baby cries more when the truck is stopped than when the car is stopped CAUSE: A truck is a far bigger vehicle than a compact car. It could be any combination of the truck’s vibration, engine noise, or the increase in sound reaching the truck that is causing the baby to cry more. WHEN

IS: When the vehicles are stopped.
IS NOT: When the vehicles are in motion.
DISTINCTION: The vehicles are at a standstill when the baby starts crying. CAUSE: It could be any combination of the things I mentioned before. The difference between the truck causing crying more than in the compact car could easily be attributed to the truck’s size. EXTENT

IS: Only when stopped does the baby start crying in either vehicle. IS NOT: When moving.
DISTINCTION: The vehicles, when stopped, are in a position that allows them to be more susceptible to outside influences than when they are moving. CAUSE: There really isn’t much information other than the basic things stated above. The baby cries occasionally when the vehicles are stopped. The baby cries more often in the truck. There really should be a lot more information to use but the Dad in the problem hasn’t gone that in depth into his research. One thing I would do is get the truck and car looked at by a mechanic. There could be some easy ways to lessen the noise they produce like an oil change, a new air filter, or, because it’s when they stop that the baby cries, some new brakes. If the cars aren’t running smoothly the baby will become uncomfortable and start to cry. Usually when cars aren’t running...
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