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General Certificate of Education Advanced Subsidiary Level
PAPER 2 Composition
2 hours
Additional materials:
Answer paper
TIME 2 hours
Write your name, Centre number and candidate number in the spaces provided on the answer paper/ answer booklet.
Answer one question from Section A and one question from Section B. Write your answers on the separate answer paper provided.
If you use more than one sheet of paper, fasten the sheets together. INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES
All questions in this paper carry equal marks.
You are reminded of the need for good English and clear presentation in your answers. http://www.xtremepapers.net
Answer one question from Section A and one question from Section B Write between 600 and 900 words for each composition
Section A: Narrative/Descriptive/Imaginative Writing
1 Write a descriptive piece about an old building due to be replaced by a new one. In describing each building you should try to create clear contrasts in mood and atmosphere. 2 The radio drama-script you are writing involves two characters’ different viewpoints on an ordinary event which has dramatically changed both their lives. Each character expresses his or her view through a soliloquy or monologue. Write both pieces (300–450 words each), trying to capture the differences in their thoughts and feelings.

3 Write a complete short story in which there is an unusual surprise or twist at the end. 4 Choose one of the following types of story: thriller or romance. Based on your choice, write the opening of a story which tries to capture an appropriate sense of mood and atmosphere. Section B: Discursive/Argumentative Writing

5 ‘Home is where the heart is.’
‘Travel broadens the mind.’
With which view do you have more sympathy?
6 You have been asked to write a magazine article for middle-aged...
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