English Language Anxiety

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Running head: English Language Anxiety


English Language Anxiety among the Students of Centre for Foundation Studies, International Islamic University Malaysia

Maryam Binti Tahir
Centre for Foundation Studies
International Islamic University Malaysia

English for Academic Writing
LE 4000
Tutor : Madam Suriati Mohd Yusoff

29th April 2013

The objectives of this study was to identify the specific language skill in which students in CFS, IIUM feel most anxious, the factors which are more probable to cause anxiety and the ways the students use to reduce anxiety. The data was collected using a questionnaire consisting of nine questions distributed to 30 CFS,IIUM students. The findings from the questionnaire suggested that a majority of the students were feeling most anxious while speaking in English and were lacking in confidence to use English in their daily lives. Most of the students even suggested that daily practice on the usage of English will reduce their level of anxieties in English. These findings provide insights into the students’ language anxiety which can assist the English language teachers with better knowledge about their students.

Keywords: Anxiety, English language, speaking, students, teachers

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English as all know is the international communication language which plays a great role in many important aspects of a society. In Malaysia, English as a second language after Malay language, is not only used in terms of education system, but is extensively used in inter-cultural communication and professions such as law, medicine, engineering and of course business. In this era of increasing globalization, Malaysia will have to face with tighter and rigid competition from other foreign countries. In accordance to that, Malaysian students will have to get themselves ready for the upcoming circumstances especially those involving the usage of English.

Malaysian students have been learning English continuously for at least 11 years starting from primary school till secondary school before enrolling themselves into a third-level education. English has been a compulsory subject for students in Malaysia in which they need to pass in all the major examinations in Malaysia such as UPSR, PMR and SPM.

In higher education, English is used more expressively as entire main and core subjects such as medical, law, algebra and business use English as the principal language. Whether it is a local university or a private one, English has become the main source of commandment other than becoming a subject in the...

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